Social Impact Case Materials

Many firms use social impact case interviews as a core part of their interview process. This is frustrating for many folks because these are different than traditional for-profit consulting cases. Traditional cases are generally asking the question: how do we help this company make more money? For social impact cases, you’ll instead be charged with figuring out how an organization can have a greater impact.

To help make it easier for folks interested in social impact consulting to practice and learn, we’ve collected all of the practice cases and tips that are available online here. We are also working with a number of firms to anonymize their old cases that they no longer use to further build out this directory. So, if you have already done all of these cases or want more, make sure to check back every few weeks since we will be continually adding new cases!

Sample social impact case interviews

Sample cases with answers

Other resources or ideas to practice

  • If you go to a website for a firm and see more about stories of their impact, you can create your own sort of case study. To do this, read the context at the beginning and try to think about some of the key questions that the client might be asking. Develop your approach and the key factors you would consider and then read about what the firm did. Here are some examples from Redstone and here are some examples from FSG.
  • If you are struggling with the math in particular, using for-profit cases is a great way to practice that aspect. You can disregard the rest of those cases if you want.
  • If you are looking for general case tips, check out this Victor Cheng series, these resources from Cornell, and the free resources on Management Consulted.

Note: we are currently working with partners to source and build more social impact cases to practice with. If you have other examples or want to work with us on building more examples, email Phil at hello@secondday.org

Interview tips

Case interviews are a very specific thing. Putting in around five hours of practice can dramatically improve your performance on these. Traditional for-profit cases and tips (particularly the math) are somewhat helpful, but the frameworks used in books like Case in Point don’t really apply. This video from Bridgespan provides some great tips and we’ve included a framework that we specifically built for social impact cases below. If you land an interview somewhere, we recommend doing ~5 practice cases ahead of time to make sure you are feeling good! Our fellowship also provides more extensive coaching, tactics, and examples to make sure you are feeling confident about this aspect of the process.