Social Impact Consulting Fellowship

What is the Social Impact Consulting Fellowship?

Second Day has been running the Impact Fellowship since 2019 (learn more here!) and is excited to announce its first industry-specific version of this program for social impact consulting. Just like our signature Impact Fellowship, we’ve designed a program that not only provides you with tools and training to apply for roles, but a community of support and mentorship to cheer you on along the way. This program is designed primarily for grad students, young professionals, and high-performing college seniors looking to land associate, senior associate, or consultant roles in social impact consulting.

Key elements of the fellowship

✔️ Seven weekly small group sessions conducted over video call. We’ll find a meeting time that works for each admitted class and sort conversations by seniority level and experience. We’ll also record sessions in case you have to miss one!

✔️ A customized assessment of your relevant skills + competitiveness, along with personalized recommendations for how to up-level your skills

✔️ Best practices for case interviews and exclusive materials not available on the website. Opportunities to practice your case interviewing skills and receive feedback

✔️ A chance to showcase your skills to leaders at existing social impact consulting firms

✔️Certification of completion to improve your chance of landing interviews

What does the syllabus look like?

The seven-week course will be facilitated by current and former social impact consultants at firms like Bridgespan, Dalberg, and the Centre for Public Impact. The typical syllabus outline is below:

  • Understanding the landscape of social impact consulting firms
  • Building the skills needed for social impact consulting + evaluating your own
  • Learning the keys to success for social impact cases
  • Mapping out the interview process and your target firms
  • Social Impact Consulting Bootcamp to build a stronger portfolio
  • Understanding career pathways, promotion, and grad school in social impact consulting (panel)
  • Program round-up and creating an ongoing accountability plan

How do I apply?

We’ll launch the next cohort in the coming months when there is sufficient demand from participants for a full cohort. If you fill out this interest form, we’ll keep you updated on upcoming cohorts as they come.

Feel free to reach out to phil@secondday.org with any questions!